A young woman struggles to break free from a controlling relationship, and reclaim her identity. A prologue of one heartbreaking history of love and gaslighting.

On the edge of sanity in a progressive commune, a young woman looks at strange ways to kill time. 

When ex-lover Dick arrives unexpectedly, she is forced to confront herself her femininity and begins to see beyond his charismatic manipulation. She’s looking for something more exotic than death — a rebirth. 

The film deals with the world of a relationship, as an intimate contemporary space to delve into the current climate of a gaslighting. We study the mental state of society, and make sense of how we got here, where we are, and where to go from here







I think its important people see her story to be as colorful and as visible as the female characters we know. Females being who they want to be, wild, misbehaving, living life, intelligent and complicated.

But its even more important they see a female battle for self identity, in a situation that maybe we don’t know as well.

cara stricker


A PET Production
In Association with Tech AVAIL Fox & LEOPARD and Anonymous CONTENT

Starring Abbey LEE and Rhys COIRO

A Film by Cara STRICKER

Director of Photography Kelly JEFFREY Production Designer Christopher CANULLO
Editors Cara STRICKER Derek FEARON Assistant Editor Jon SEVIK for Matte FILMS Costume Designer Mindy Le BROCK
Score By Cara STRICKER 
Featuring Music By Weyes BLOOD Empress OF  Mind GAMERS Daniel Stricker
Visual Effects CARBON VFX Sound Effects & Mix Jordan MELTZER Ben FREER FOR ELEVEN SOUND Colourist Houmam ABDALLAH for MPC 
Line Producer Brianna GONZALES

Written and Directed by Cara STRICKER
Produced by Nathan WATERS Nina SORIANO Meagan JUDKINS Samantha Taylor PICKETT 
Executive Producers Kevin KLOECKER